Friday, September 16, 2005

Why I don't Blog

I stopped blogging recently. You may have noticed. Maybe you have never been on this site before. Chances are you have as with so little activity, its pretty much fallen off the planet. Well, that suits me just fine because I haven't enjoyed my blogging for a while.
I like to try and divulge things that upset me or anger me or frustrate me, etc. This is my page. I can do what I want with it, right? Well, that is what I figured.
But, as I look back on some of the comments received after a few of my posts, I notice that I get punished for openning my life to the public. Rather than just reading my work and appreciating it for what it is, I get shit. Constantly. Over and over. Everytime I put something in here that isn't jolly and full of kingly goodness, I get some asshole who is supposed to be my buddy who gives me some one liner about how "I need to quit feeling sorry for myself" or "My problems are nothing compared to someone elses."
Well guess what. I don't want you to make me feel stupid for what I write. Why on earth would I be motivated to write something just so I can get beat up for it?
My last post was something I wrote nearly 6 weeks ago. Two days after I wrote that, something marvelous happened to me.
Use your imagination, I am sure you can guess what.
Anyway, I reread the prose, and I really liked it for its artistic value. I think it's pretty good literature. Or pseudo poetry.
Well, I posted it, and got the following comments:
"Your a psychologist right? Have you've been reading what you wright? You'll never find happiness until you stop over analyzing everything. It's a new girl enjoy the new beginnings before your fears ruin it for your penis."

These comments came from buddies of mine.
Thanks guys. Thanks for your worthless opinions. Don't read my blog if you are going to write shit like that.
And don't yell at me for not updating my blog.

And don't write some jack-ass comment on this post just to spite me, either. Fuckers.


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Blogger Mad Mike said...

First off, thanks for calling my opinion worthless, your buddy really appreciates that shit... especially one who takes time to read what you have to share.
Secondly I never thought this shit was taken very seriously. Blogging is fun with people you know because it's fun to bust each others balls, that's what we do. It's unfortunate that you took this as a person attack and decided to retaliate on the fucking internet. I read your prose, I'm not a Lit major so I don't give a damn about how your words flowed. I read your post and gave you my "worthless" opinion on what you WROTE.

Your bud,
Fucker #2

5:32 PM  
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